Suspect in Ortiz Bombing Fit To Stand Trial

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL (Worthy News)-- The "Jewish terrorist" who tried to murder members of an Israeli Messianic family on account of their faith has been declared fit to stand trial.

The Jerusalem District Court recently ruled that Jack Teitel will stand trial for for sending a bomb hidden inside a Purim holiday gift basket to the home of David and Leah Ortiz in 2008.

Pastor Ortiz and his family are Messianic Jews; his son Ami was 15 when he opened the gift basket as it exploded in his face. Doctors said it was a miracle he survived after flying metal shards ripped into the full length of Ami's body.

Today, Ami sometimes struggles with daily life.

"Everything for him is a procedure, from taking a shower, to getting out and having to put special creams on his scars, to the pressure suit, and just getting dressed is painful for him," said Leah. "He has longer and longer periods of being able to joke his way through all the procedures, but sometimes it gets him down, which is understandable."

When asked by Worthy News whether he feels resentment toward those who tried to kill him, Ami showed no bitterness or anger. His father said Ami's response of complete forgiveness towards those who severely harmed him serves as a testimony to his faith.

Since the bombing, the Ortiz family has received thousands of letters of support from people all over the world as they continue their work in the city of Ariel, but while many expected the family to flee, they have not only stayed, but continued to evangelize despite the dangers.

When the announcement was made that Teitel was arrested, Ami's parents told CBN they were chilled by the news.

"It was very chilling," said Leah. "I felt like my heart go cold. Because even though we know that there are people, actual flesh and blood people, that did it, just the fact that we found out what settlement they were from, that there were neighbors."

"I felt pain for these people. I prayed for them this morning," said David. "I mean, he's going to try and kill people, assassinate people, and ruin your whole life."

Teitel's lawyer said he did not know if his client should be held criminally accountable because last year a psychiatric examination deemed him unfit for trial.