Syrian Christian sends Desperate Letter from Aleppo

Thursday, January 29, 2015

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

ALEPPO (Worthy News)-- A Christian doctor in Aleppo has recently updated Barnabas Fund about the desperate conditions in Syria after almost four years of continuous civil war.

"The situation here still is very gloomy ... The winter is very bitter, and temperatures are below zero ... There are no heating systems or fuel at all. We are just sitting and wrapping ourselves with blankets ... just to get some warmth.

"Life is becoming unbearable and intolerable. Daily we have deaths among babies and small children, and elderly people because of the bitterly cold weather ... tens and hundreds of Christians are leaving the country. Aleppo will be empty of Christians in due time.

"We are suffering and struggling to stay and preach the Word. Just imagine what the need for the Word is like. And this in spite of the mortars, rockets, shrapnel, snipers ... the need for His Word is expanding and the needs for prayers are many.

"The situation in our church is going well. There are many new faces and new people are coming to the Lord. Yes, the burden is getting greater, but He is in control and in charge....

"Greet all with His grace."