Taleban Takes Hard Line With Arrested Aid Workers (Afghanistan)

Monday, August 6, 2001

Afghanistan's ruling Taleban authorities have ruled out pardons for eight foreign aid workers detained for allegedly spreading the Christian faith, declaring that they and their 16 Afghan colleagues must stand trial on charges of promoting Christianity. Western diplomats have been unable to meet with the prisoners. Fifty-nine Afghan school children who were also taken into custody on the belief that they had been influenced by Christian teaching have been released, but their fathers were jailed for several days for failing to supervise their children.

Please pray for the deportation of the foreign workers and for an effective international voice to speak on behalf of the Afghans who have been arrested. Their fate is a special concern, as international pressure has tended to focus on the imprisoned foreigners. The danger to the accused Afghans is far greater. The Religious Media Agency reported yesterday that their homes have already been looted.

Voice of the Martyrs. Used with Permission.