Uganda: Female pastor raped by Islamic extremists for preaching the Gospel

Friday, January 1, 2021

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Islamic extremists in Uganda raped a female church pastor last month, claiming they were “teaching her a lesson” for converting Muslims to Christianity, Morning Star News reports. The Pastor, who was not named for her protection, was attacked in Kapyani in the Kibuku District of eastern Uganda on December 21. Although Ugandan law allows freedom of religion, and Muslims are a small minority in the country, radical Islamic persecution of Christians is ongoing.

Telling what happened to Morning Star News, the Pastor began by recalling that a Muslim neighbor had complained to her a few weeks before the attack, saying: “’I am warning you not to come to our home. My children are now singing some Christian songs. I know soon they will come to your church. We as Muslims have no relations with infidels.’”

Then, at around 7 pm on the evening of the attack, the Pastor was at her church site when she heard someone nearby calling for help. “When I stopped I was surprised to see people coming from the bush, and one of them shouted in the Arabic language, ‘Allah is greater – we have warned you several times to stop converting Muslims to Christianity. Today we shall teach you a lesson that you will not forget,’” the Pastor said.

An attacker covered her face and mouth and she lost consciousness, the Pastor told Morning Star News. When she came round, she called for help and saw a motorcycle lamp.

“To my surprise, I realized that he was a son of my sister who was coming back home for Christmas. He saw blood on my torn skirt. He could not stop tears rolling from his cheeks, crying and shouting for help, and he took me to a nearby clinic for medical treatment at Kasasira,” the Pastor said.

A mother of five and widow, the Pastor added: “I hope these Muslim rapists have not infected me with deadly diseases. I forgive them.” Nevertheless, a member of her church told Morning Star News: “Sometimes [the Pastor] is quiet for about one hour. Her doctor said she needs a trauma counselor; she is having severe headache, swelling at her neck, and severe pain in her private parts.” The Pastor’s children have reportedly told the police in Kapyani about the attack.