Uganda Muslim Father Burns Daughter Over Christian Conversion

Thursday, May 28, 2020

By Stefan J. Bos, Special Correspondent Worthy News

(Worthy News) - Christians remained concerned Thursday about the plight of a young woman in Uganda who was reportedly burned by her father for converting to Christianity.

Rehema Kyomuhendo, 24, is still recovering of severe injuries in Mbale Regional Referral Hospital, Christians said.

She was hospitalized with severe burns on her leg, stomach, ribs, neck, and portion of her back, according to Christians familiar with the situation

Kyomuhendo is among an estimated one million Christians who face increased persecution in the African country, according to rights activists.


The troubles apparently began May 4 when Kyomuhendo was at her aunt's house in Nawuyo village of Mbale District, with her father, Sheikh Hussein Byaruhanga Husain.

She reportedly called a friend who she knew to be a Christian. “She explained to me about Christ and the way of salvation, and I got convicted and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior,” Kyomuhendo was quoted as saying.

“As she was sharing Christ with me, I was so overjoyed,” she told Morning Star News agency. “My father heard my joy and woke up, came from his bedroom furiously, and started beating me up with blows, slaps, and kicks.”

Husain reportedly said he was to kill his daughter for converting to Christianity before he poured burning fuel over her on that night, the eleventh day of the Islamic holiday of Ramadan.


Kyomuhendo screamed for help before her aunt, and a neighbor arrived who arranged a taxi van to rush her to hospital, Christians said.

Neither Kyomuhendo nor the neighbor reported the assault to the police apparently for fear that her father might try to kill her again.

There was no immediate known comment from the accused father, and it remained unclear whether the police were investigating the alleged attack.

However, Christians in eastern Uganda, especially those of Muslim backgrounds, face severe persecution, said advocacy group Open Doors.

They “face extreme persecution in Uganda, and maybe disowned by their parents, divorced by their spouse, harassed by their communities, forced to leave their homes, attacked or even killed,” the group explained.

Muslim background believers often keep their faith a secret to avoid such treatment, Worthy News learned.