Uganda: New Christians driven from their homes by Islamic extremists

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Brand new Christians in eastern Uganda came under severe attack last month, as Muslim neighbors destroyed their crops and drove them from homes upon hearing of their conversion from Islam to Christ, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. Christians in Uganda have come under increasing attack from Islamic extremists, even though Muslims make up only 12% of the population.

Twenty-seven-year-old former Muslim Aisha Nambeya from Busalaamu village in Luuka District put her faith in Christ on December 17, after Jesus appeared to her in a dream, MSN reports. “I saw a man with white clothes who introduced himself to me as Issa [Jesus],” Nambeya told MSN. “He showed me two paths, one leading to good life and another one leading to destruction.”

When Nambeye chose to follow Christ, her own husband beat her up and threatened her, MSN reports. Fearful of what her husband might do next, Nambeye took her five children ages 9 to 2, and sought help from the local church. “The church quickly relocated us to another place. We left everything back at home and managed to come with only a few clothes. We need prayers for help from God.”

In another part of eastern Uganda, Opoloto and his family put their faith in Christ after hearing an evangelist preach the Gospel at an open-air event on December 10, MSN reports. “I was touched with the preaching of the pastor because he was using the Koran and Bible, yet some of our sheiks had talked bad of Jesus as a lower prophet than Muhammad,” Opoloto told MSN. “I wanted to know the truth of what he was preaching, so I invited the pastor for supper at my house. That very evening, I and my entire household gave our lives to Christ as Lord and Savior.”

However, on December 12, a mob of local Muslims armed with machetes, sticks, and stones invaded his banana plantation and began to chant his name in a threatening manner. A neighbor witnessed told MSN: “Thereafter I saw a huge number of Muslims chanting his name, ‘Umar, Umar, Umar.’ I then rang him to alert him so as to save his family.” Opoloto was able to escape due to this neighbor’s help.

“They broke into the house but could not find anyone inside. They destroyed some of the property then went ahead and started destroying his cassava, banana plantation, and livestock, shouting the name of Umar, saying he has blasphemed Islam and the Islamic community.”