Uzbekistan: Christian Children's Camp Raided by Riot Police

Monday, August 19, 2013

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

uzbekistanTOSHKENT, UZBEKISTAN (Worthy News)-- Last month, a Christian children's camp in Uzbekistan was raided by riot police; all the children were subjected to questioning and the homes of the camp's organizers were searched, according to BarnabasAid.

During the raid in Mironkul village, Samarkand region, police officers brandished their batons as they collected statements from everyone, even small children. The interrogations continued for six hours before nine adults and 22 children were taken to the Mironkul Police Station for further questioning; eventually they were all released, but not before officials confiscated computers, musical equipment, Uzbek New Testaments and private notebooks.

Police later raided the homes of the four adults responsible for organizing the camp; they seized personal Bibles, Christian books and other resources.

The adults will be charged under Uzbekistan's strict laws prohibiting the unauthorized holding of youth meetings and the teaching of religious beliefs without official permission.