VOM Hospital bombed by Government of Sudan

Monday, March 20, 2000

A VOM-sponsored hospital in Southern Sudan was targeted by bombs of the radical Islamic Government of Sudan (GOS) early Tuesday morning, killing one Christian worker and one other person and injuring several others.

Far Reaching Ministries, which has partnered with VOM in that area, reports that between 11 and 13 bombs fell in the area. This is clearly an attack on civilians and non-military targets.

Tombek Marcello Daniel was a Far Reaching Ministries worker who was killed in the attack. He leaves behind a wife and three children. A woman named Nora who prepares meals for mission workers was hit in the head by shrapnel and injured in the bombing, but should recover.

A VOM team in Southern Sudan stayed in the village last month and witnessed another 24 bombs dropped on a nearby village.

VOM has worked for more than three years in Southern Sudan, and for more than a year has helped underwrite expenses for this 100-bed hospital.

This is the third hospital bombed in Sudan this month. Twice earlier this month, a hospital sponsored by Samaritan's Purse was bombed.

The Voice of the Martyrs, Inc.