Baptist youth minister shot dead by military junta, UN official says world must act, Myanmar is “living hell”

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - A Baptist youth pastor was shot dead by soldiers while trying to save a congregant from a home set on fire by the military junta in Myanmar on Saturday, the Christian Post reports. Highlighting the killing, UN Special Rapporteur for Myanmar Tom Andrews said the international community must take action with regard to the “living hell” Myanmar civilians have been in since the February 1 military coup.

Youth Pastor Cung Biak Hum of Thantlang Centennial Baptist Church was murdered during a military attack on civilians in Chin state on Saturday, CP reports. Pastor Hum was married with two children and was studying for a Master’s degree in Divinity at MIT Yangon.

In a tweet following the murder, UN Special Rapporteur Tom Andrews wrote: “The murder of a Baptist minister and bombing of homes in Thantlang, Chin State are the latest examples of the living hell being delivered daily by junta forces against the people of Myanmar.” In particular, Andrews said: “The world needs to pay closer attention. More importantly, the world needs to act.”

The Baptist World Alliance, which represents 49 million Baptists in 126 countries and territories, confirmed the death of Pastor Hum and also called for the release of the detained Baptist pastor, Rev. Thian Lian Sang, CP said.

“On September 18, over 19 houses were burned down by military forces. Baptist Pastor Rev. Cung Biak Hum attempted to help as one of the houses belonged to a member of his church,” BWA said in its statement. “Instead, upon his arrival on the scene, he was shot and killed by military soldiers — making him the first Baptist minister to die due to the ongoing conflicts. The military soldiers also stole his cellphone, watch and cut off his finger in order to steal his wedding ring.”