Nigeria killing fields: Christian father and 7-year old son beheaded; “no one hears our cries for help”

Thursday, August 5, 2021

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Fulani Islamic militants in Nigeria’s Plateau state beheaded a Christian father and his 7-year old son on July 29, as the two walked home from choir practice, reported International Christian Concern.

The slaughter of Christians in Nigeria continues with impunity even though local residents and rights advocates, including the US Commission of International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), have warned of a Christian genocide at the hands of Islamic militants.

Thomas Wollo aged 46, and Nggwe Thomas aged seven, were murdered close to their home in Tafigana village, Bassa LGA at about 8.50 pm, ICC said. The murderers disappeared into the bush and have not been found.
“As a people, we are continuously under attack and nobody seems to be hearing our cry for help,” the President of Irigwe Youth Movement, Mr. Chinge Dodo told ICC. “It appears that killing our people has become a routine.”

As thousands of Christians in Nigeria are murdered by Islamic jihadists each year, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom said in its annual report this year that the Nigerian government has displayed a “problematic level of apathy.” According to the USCIRF report: “More Christians have been killed for their faith in Nigeria in the last year than in the entire Middle East.”

USCIRF committee member Gary L. Bauer went so far as to say: “Nigeria is quickly becoming a ‘killing field’ for that nation’s Christians. Nigeria’s government seems unable or unwilling to stop the growing carnage.”