North Korean Propaganda Video Tells the Story of Woman’s Search for the Lord

Monday, September 16, 2019

by Jordan Hilger, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - North Korean propaganda footage released by Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) tells the story of a Christian woman who fled the regime and returned to establish an underground church.

Told through the lens of North Korean ideology, Cha Deoksun’s story was apparently one that began with a search for a “nobleman” she had heard about outside the borders of North Korea.

According to the video, a Christian evangelist on the border with China, framed in the narrative as a “fortune teller,” told Cha that there was a God who promised, “she would never have to taste death, no matter how grievous her sin was -- a ludicrous statement!”

In her search for the “nobleman,” Cha ended up in China, where she had originally thought to make contact with an aging uncle, but ended up wandering the streets for two years upon learning he was dead when she arrived.

“She had to live in contempt in the eyes of foreigners. She could only cry,” unable to find a job, the video mocks.

One day Cha heard church bells ringing at Suhtap church, a South Korean mission of which she quickly became a part.

“Duksoon naively believed the sermons about a merciful God,” the video says. “Suhtap church is operated by disguised pastors from the puppet South Korean government’s secret service.”

Cha evidently received a call there, because the video goes on to add that she received a “mission from the enemy” to go back to her homeland and establish house churches.

Amazingly, Deoksun’s entire family received the gospel upon hearing her testimony, along with other “worthless people” that the video says included two children of pastors from official churches.

The believers met on KyungAm mountain for Sunday worship, while Cha herself went about the country using a tentmaker job as a cloak for incarnational ministry, visiting “unfaithful complainers” and “the sick.”

The regime’s hammer came down on Cha Deoksun, the video says, when “conscientious citizens” finally reported her, but not before the Messiah became known in North Korea through her search.