Pakistan: Christian nurse charged with blasphemy for saying “Jesus is the true Savior”

Monday, February 1, 2021

(Worthy News) - A Christian nurse in Pakistan was charged with blasphemy Friday, after an Islamist mob demanded police rescind their original decision to dismiss an allegation against her, Morning Star News reports. Accusations of blasphemy in Pakistan can result in lengthy jail sentences, and can also trigger mob lynchings and vigilante murders.

Employed for nine years at Karachi’s Sobhraj Maternity Hospital, Tabeeta Nazir Gill was charged a day after being beaten and locked in a room by co-workers who accused her of insulting Muhammad. Gill vehemently denies she said anything against him.

A video taken by a hospital worker and posted on social media shows Gill crying for help as Muslim co-workers slap and punch her, Morning Star News reports. The attackers also try to force Gill into signing a “confession” and, amid an onslaught of curses against the nurse, a staff member hits her with a broom.

An official accusation against Gill was filed by her co-worker Saba Wasi on January 28. According to the First Information police report, Wasi complained that Gill said Jesus is the true Savior and Muhammad is not relevant. In the first instance, police dismissed the allegations as being based on a personal vendetta: Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are often abused by people seeking revenge of some sort against another person, Morning Star News reports. However, Wasi then called on Muslim leaders to take action, with the result that a mob of Islamists descended on the police station and demanded charges be made against Gill.

Successive Pakistani governments have admitted that blasphemy laws are subject to widespread abuse, but little action has been taken to stop it. Gill and her family have now gone into hiding, Morning Star News said.