Mexican Evangelicals are helping Catholics turn to Christ, away from idols

Monday, February 1, 2021

(Worthy News) - Evangelical Christians in Mexico have been preaching the Gospel to their Syncretist Catholic neighbors, turning them toward Christ and away from idols, the Christian Post reports. According to a recent survey, the number of Mexican evangelical Christians has increased by 49% since 2010.

While Mexico is often assumed to be a Christian country, many Mexicans are Catholics who practice pagan idolatry, including the worship of saints, the sacrifice of animals, and the incorporation of rituals pertaining to Aztec beliefs, the Christian Post reports.

Jaime Castro, President of the evangelical Christian ‘Universidad Cristiana de Mexico,’ explained to the Christian Post: “I was a pastor, and I have the experience to know some American Catholics. They weren’t like [Mexican Catholics]. The syncretism between Catholics that came to Mexico adopted every idol and every goddess [from the Aztec religion],” he said.

Moreover, Mexican evangelicals are often persecuted by the country’s Catholic community, Castro said. Although Mexico permits religious freedom, evangelicals are often threatened, attacked or ostracized by their Catholic neighbors, he continued.

Nevertheless, Castro attested: “Evangelical Christians are doing a great job and the Gospel is being spread. The most optimistic people will tell you that we are within 15-to-20% evangelical Christian in Mexico.”

“When people convert from traditionalist Catholicism to Christianity, their families change for the better,” Castro added. “[When men become Christians], the home becomes strong and they have more opportunities,” said Castro. “The head of the house used to spend a lot of money on alcohol, on parties. But now he becomes more committed to his marriage and becomes a committed father, a committed husband, and it makes a difference in the community.”