Uganda: Christian family violently attacked by Muslims for second time in a month

Monday, February 1, 2021

(Worthy News) - A Christian family recovering from an assault by Muslims in Uganda last month was attacked again last week, Morning Star News reports. On January 24, Muslim villagers again attacked the family of Pastor Moses Nabwana, this time breaking into his Nankodo Sub-County home and injuring his wife and two of his children. The pastor and his wife Lovisa Naura were still recovering from being hospitalized after beatings by local Islamists on December 27.

Moses Nabwana had angered Muslim villagers when a local Imam came to faith in Christ and then attended his church. On December 27, Nabwana and Naura were ambushed on their way from church and were beaten by locals who had been incited by mosque leaders, Morning Star News reports. The couple both needed treatment at a clinic and Nabwana was kept in hospital for five days.

On January 24, attackers came to the Nabwana home at around 4.20 am. “I heard loud noises and plates being broken. The children and I woke up,” Naura told Morning Star News. “The attackers had broken the door and entered in. One started strangling me, while another threw one of my daughters outside through the window and broke the skin on her leg.” Naura’s brother-in-law and his family ran over to help and the Muslims escaped, she said.

“So far the church has paid medical bills of about $1,000 for the couple, and the church leader said further medical bills for them will amount to about $950,” Morning Star News said.

Although Ugandan law provides for freedom of religion, many Christians have been persecuted and physically attacked by Muslims – this is although Muslims make up no more than 12% of the overall population, Morning Star News reports.