Tribal animists drive Christians out of their homes in India

Saturday, October 3, 2020

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Thousands of tribal animists invaded three villages in Chhattisgarh, India last week, driving Christians out their homes in violent assaults, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. The attacks took place on September 22-23 by agitators believed to have been incited by Hindu extremists.

According to MSN sources, Christians were sent “fleeing for their lives” when around 3,000 tribal animists descended on their communities. The police reportedly did nothing to protect the Christian community but only pressured believers to contribute to Hindu festivals, an issue of contention, as a way of appeasement.

Sivram Koyam, a resident of Kakadbeda in Kondagaon District told MSN News:
“From three in the afternoon till eight in the night, I pleaded with and begged the police officers to go and stop them, but they did not go. The furious mob came in search of me, and not finding me home, they picked up my wife and smashed her on the ground three times.”

The animists chanted as Hindu slogans as they wreaked damage on homes in Kakadbeda village, Koyam said. In fear for their lives, Koyam and nine other Christians have sought refuge in the home of Christian several miles away. One Christian who was beaten up in the attacks and has now disappeared, Koyam said.

Christians have officially reported the incidents to Kondagaon police, MSN reports.